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Master of Arts: Intercultural Anglophone Studies (MAIAS)

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Study Period at George Washington University (Washington DC)

Bild: Campus George Washington University, USA

For students of MA Intercultural Anglophone Studies (Focus on American Studies): Study Period at George Washington University (Washington DC)

The Department of American Studies at George Washington University (GWU) is one of the nation's most rigorous and intellectually innovative departments devoted to the interdisciplinary study of American culture and society.  Internationally recognized for its research, our faculty is also committed to fostering a dynamic learning environment where undergraduate and graduate students work together with faculty to better understand the culture, politics and history of the United States and its role in the world.

Our prize-winning PhD and MA students are engaged in creative and exciting research, centered around the department's core strengths in cultural history and cultural studies (including literary, media, popular culture, performance, folklore, and visual studies); race, ethnicity and immigration; urban studies; gender and sexuality; religion and politics; public culture and public history; and transnational American studies.


Bild: Campus George Washington University, USA

Students are invited to spend one semester at the Department of American Studies. If their academic work is successful, they may become eligible to receive a certificate in American Studies from GWU.

Funding opportunities: for instance "DAAD Jahresstipendium"; application deadline each year in July for the following calendar year.

Further information: Prof. Dr. Sylvia Mayer (sylvia.mayer@uni-bayreuth.de)

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