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Master of Arts: Intercultural Anglophone Studies (MAIAS)

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Double Degree Program: University of Bayreuth and Shanghai International Studies University (PR China)

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Our international Double Degree Program is directed toward advanced scholarly competence in one of two major areas: "literature" or "linguistics." It offers innovative courses to postgraduate students who feel challenged by a global perspective and who have a background in Anglophone, American, British, and Intercultural Communication Studies. It offers in-depth and theoretically informed study of the literatures and cultures of the English-speaking world, and of linguistic phenomena of English in its varieties. Courses address a wide range of forms of cultural expression such as literature, film, theater, music, and other forms of popular culture, paying particular attention to inter- and transcultural issues.

The University of Bayreuth is a leading higher education institution that is internationally visible in both research and teaching. Founded in the 1970s, it has over the years continuously reached excellent results in the Times Higher Education’s global “Younger Universities Ranking”. The Faculty of Languages and Literatures focuses in particular on intercultural issues and excels in terms of its student-teacher ratio.

Shanghai International Studies University is one of the top two universities that specialize in studying foreign cultures and languages in China. The College of English/American Language Studies and Literature is one of its largest institutions.

  • Curriculum for students from SISU (Curriculum) (April 2018)
  • Module Handbook LIT: Bayreuth module descriptions for students from SISU, LITERATURE as major area (April 2017)
  • Module Handbook LING: Bayreuth module descriptions for students from SISU, LINGUISTICS as major area (Nov. 2017)
  • Module Handbook: SISU module descriptions for students from Bayreuth, LITERATURE as major area (Nov. 2012)
  • Module Handbook: Module descriptions for students from Bayreuth, LINGUISTICS as major area (coming soon)
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Interested students from Bayreuth have the option of completing their first M.A. year at Bayreuth, then transferring to Shanghai for their second M.A. year. The M.A. degrees will be awarded by both universities. The program includes a module of intensive Chinese language training, but no Chinese proficiency is required for the academic program. Chinese students who have completed their B.A. degree outside China are also welcome to apply.

Further information is available from program moderator: Prof. Dr. Sylvia Mayer (sylvia.mayer@uni-bayreuth.de)

For students newly arriving: Internet access on the Bayreuth University campus

Brochure of College of English: Introducing new programs (ca. 8 MB)

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